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Zoning Overview & FAQs

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Zoning Overview & FAQs


The Town of Hortonia established its own Zoning Ordinance pursuant to Chapters §60.62 and §66.058 of the Wisconsin State Statutes. It was repealed and recreated on November 12, 1996 and has subsequently been amended numerous times.

Six Zoning Districts exist in the Town of Hortonia by ordinance.
A-1 Prime Agricultural - 35 acre minimum lot size (PDF - 126 KB)
RE Rural Estate District - 7 acre minimum lot size (PDF - 49 KB)
R-1 Residential - 3 acre minimum lot size (PDF - 46 KB)
M-H Mobile Home District - 10 acre minimum mobile home park area (PDF - 41 KB)
C-1 Commercial - development to be located along U.S.H. 15 corridor (PDF - 106 KB)
I Industrial - close proximity to Hortonville or New London (PDF - 50 KB)

Ordinances related to Zoning
Repealing and Recreating the Town of Hortonia Zoning Ordinance and Maps adopted 11-12-1996
Amended Town of Hortonia Zoning Ordinance adopted 2015 (PDF - 2.2 MB)
incorporating farmland preservation
Ordinance amending the Zoning Map approved 2-26-2001
rezoning parcel 120-0239 from R-1 to C-1; 120-0241 from A-1 to C-1
Ordinance amending the Zoning Map approved 4-5-2001
rezoning parcel 120-0043 from A-1 to RE
Ordinance adopting the Comprehensive Plan adopted 11-13-2006 (PDF - 353 KB)
Ordinance amending the Zoning Map approved 2-6-2007 (PDF - 386 KB)
rezoning 54 parcels to bring land use into compliance with zoning
Ordinance to Provide for Conservation Subdivisions adopted 2-12-2008 (PDF - 485 KB)

Forms related to Zoning

On November 13, 2006 an ordinance adopting the Town of Hortonia Comprehensive Guide Plan was adopted and remains the guide by which the Planning Commission determines whether new developments will be permitted. Note: many Towns within Outagamie County have adopted Outagamie County’s zoning. Hortonia has it's own zoning. Regarding new development in the Town of Hortonia, the Comprehensive Guide Plan favors Conservation Subdivision designs. Below is a brief summary of Conventional vs. Conservation subdivision design.

Conventional Subdivision Conservation Subdivision
32 home sites 32 home sites
80% of subdivision becomes lawn 25% of subdivision is lawn
no trails walking trails surrounding site
natural features lost open spaces and natural features preserved
indigenous vegetation removed old growth trees protected

Download the Comprehensive Plan (15.9MB PDF)

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