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New Construction FAQs

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New Construction FAQs

Town of Hortonia New Construction - FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 
Prepared by the Town Clerk - August 30, 2009

The following questions and answers target New Construction in the Town of Hortonia.

Can I build what ever I want, where ever I want?
No. You have to comply with the Town's zoning ordinances. These ordinances dictate: how many buildings you can have, how big they can be, how far they have to be set back from property lines, etc. !! CLICK HERE !! for an overview of the Town's zoning.

Ok. So, how do I find out what my zoning is?
You can call the clerk at 920-779-9780 or e-mail the clerk ( Or, you can figure it out yourself by looking at the Town's zoning maps - !! CLICK HERE !! to go to the Zoning Maps media page. 

I don't like my zoning, can I change it or get a variance?
You can try. You'll need to fill out an application - !! CLICK HERE !! to go to the Forms media page which includes instructions and some fee information. Whether or not a rezoning application gets approved depends on future land use maps.  !! CLICK HERE !! to go to the Land Use Maps. If your request matches our future land use then your application will likely get approved; if it doesn't match, it will likely get denied. Once the Town approves it, then it moves to the County.

What role does Outagamie County play?
The county planning department reviews all rezoning requests against the Town's comprehensive plan future land use maps, adding to the checks & balances, and gives a recommendation the County Board. No amendment to the Town's zoning ordinance (ie. a rezoning is an amendment to the current zoning) may be adopted by the Town unless approved by the County Board pursuant to §60.62(3) of the WI State Statutes.

What about covenants?
You only have to worry about covenants if you live in the Falling Wing subdivision. !! CLICK HERE !! to view.

My zoning is ok, can I start building?
No! First you need to apply for a permit. The type of permit you apply for depends on what you're building. If you are installing a decorative pond, you don't need a permit. But, if you're installing a culvert !! CLICK HERE !! for a culvert permit application. And, if you are remodeling, or constructing a dwelling or some other building, you will need a building permit, but first you should check the application requirements, so, !! CLICK HERE !!

Goodness! How do I get all the information for the checklist?
First of all, your tax parcel number is located on your annual tax bill. Else, you can find your parcel number on the zoning map associated with your property. License numbers and/or certification numbers are things that your contractor will be able to provide for you. If you're not sure about a requirement or item on the permit application, contact our Building Inspector. He can help.

What's the fee for a permit application?
That depends on what you are building. The least expensive fee is $50 and it goes up from there. !! CLICK HERE !! to see our Fee Schedule Ordinance.

I filled in my application and wrote my check, now what?
Before you are given a building permit, our Building Inspector, Jim Emmons, reviews it to insure that the proposed construction complies with building codes and Town ordinances. If all is well, he will collect the fee and forward it to the Town Board along with the top copy of the permit application. If there is a problem he will advise you on the best way to proceed. If the solution to your problem requires a variance or conditional use, you will have to fill out additional application paperwork. Based on the advice of the Inspector, either the Board of Appeals or the Board of Supervisors then takes up the application.  Make sure you contact the Clerk so that your application gets on the agenda.

When is the next Town Board meeting?
It usually takes place the second Tuesday of each month. !! CLICK HERE !! to go to the Clerk's page and see the notices for upcoming meetings, or, call the Town Hall and listen to the recording: 920-779-9780.

I just missed the monthly meeting and I can't wait another month. What can I do?
You can request a special Town Board meeting, but that will cost you an additional $300.

Argh!! I'm going to skip this permit stuff!!
Be advised that anyone who builds without a permit (or begins construction before the application is approved) is subject to some hefty fines - up to twice the original permit fee for each offense, together with the costs of prosecution. Our Town Officials and Building Inspector keep an eye out for unauthorized construction and you will be given notice by our Town Constable who will issue you a citation. These measures may sound harsh, but our predecessors would argue the Town has really gone soft after the Uniform Citation ordinance was adopted, eliminating the stockade next to the Town Hall

The Town of Hortonia is not responsible for any inaccuracies or unauthorized use of the information contained within. No warranties are implied.


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