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Garbage and Recyclables: Revision #8

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Garbage and Recyclables

Garbage & Recycling Information for the Town of Hortonia
Prepared by the Town Clerk - April 23, 2010
The following information targets Electors in the Town of Hortonia.

Garbage in the Town of Hortonia is picked up every Friday; Recyclables every other Friday.
(!! CLICK HERE !! to see the Calendar to find out which Friday is for recyclables)

Pick up will not begin earlier than 7:00am and will not be available on Holidays:
• New Year's Day
• Memorial Day
• Independence Day (4th of July)
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving Day
• Christmas Day
If normal pick up falls on one of the holidays, items will be picked-up on the day after (ie. the following day)

The following will NOT be picked up
• Loose Garbage (garbage must be in tied bags or covered containers with handles)
• Garbage in 50 gallon barrels or metal barrels
• Garbage in containers bigger than 32 gallons
• Plastic bags containing garbage weighing over 50 pounds
• More than 2 cubic yards of garbage
• Ashes
Oil Filters and Oil Absorbants as of 1/1/2011 per state law!! CLICK HERE !! for rules/regs & disposal options 

The following require special pickup & additional charge
• furniture & appliances: chairs, couches, mattresses, etc
• building material: carpet, plaster, drywall, shingles, cabinets, furnaces, etc
• vehicle parts: tires, batteries, metal, etc
• yard waste: weeds, leaves, branches, shrubs, trees, etc
• hazardous wastes including oils and paints
• Business operated out of a residence will be subject to additional fees based on volume of garbage

The following recyclable items are collected
plastic, tin & aluminum material contained in ONE BIN or GARBAGE CAN (no plastic bags)
  • Tin & aluminum cans (remove labels if possible)
  • Plastics #1 & #2
  • Glass bottles and jars (food and beverage only - rinse and discard lids)
• paper products contained in ONE BIN or GARBAGE CAN (no plastic bags)
  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • junk mail
  • container board (includes cereal & other similar boxboard)
  • corrugated cardboard cut or folded down to less than 3ft x 3ft size
Note: Graichen has supplemented its contract with Hortonia to indicate that the residents of the Township may single stream their recyclable materials by combining the above listed materials. Recyclable materials must not be put in plastic bags. Outagamie County has indicated that their single stream recycling facility runs more efficiently when residents commingle recyclable materials.

The following will NOT be recycled
• pizza boxes or wax lined boxes
• foil
• motor oil bottles
• scrap metal
• cups
• drinking glasses
• ceramics
• windows
• vases
• cookware
• light bulbs
• candle jars

Got Questions about Recyclables or Waste?
Garbage and Recyclables picked up in the Town of Hortonia go to Outagamie County. If you have questions about what can or can not be recycled, OR, the landfill, OR, need information about things like...
• recycling
• electronics
• hazardous waste
• medications
• compost
• directions to the county facilities
• disposal rates at the county
then !! CLICK HERE !! to go to the County's Department of Solid Waste website.
OR, you can call (920): 832-5004 Garbage or 968-5721 Recycling or 832-5277 Landfill

Questions about Garbage/Recycling Pickup in Hortonia?
Please contact:
P.O. BOX 263

Does recycling really lower my taxes?
YES! Seriously! We're not joking. The Town of Hortonia has contracts with Graichen Sanitation to pick up Garbage and Recyclables from 400 residential units (no commercial or industrial pickup). You pay for the cost of this service on your tax bill - it's listed as  "REFUSE". The contracts stipulate a fixed fee for pickup, but the cost of garbage disposal is passed on as an additional fee based on weight (look below to see cost trends). There is NO disposal fee for recyclables! NONE!! So, in a nutshell, garbage is subject to a disposal fee which is passed on to you in your tax bill, but, recyclables are not subject to a disposal fee = no additional cost. Bottom line: recycling lowers your tax bill.

How much Hortonia garbage goes to Landfill?
(the figures were obtained from Outagamie County and reflect not just residential, but all solid waste)
1999 -- 536.51 tons of garbage sent to the Outagamie County landfill
2000 -- 532.76 tons
2001 -- 634.37 tons
2002 -- 646.11 tons
2003 -- 579.72 tons
2004 -- 630.28 tons
2005 -- 669.18 tons
2006 -- 897.00 tons
2007 -- 850.33 tons
2008 -- 759.86 tons
2009 -- 826.75 tons
The tipping fees (cost per ton of garbage sent to the landfill) set by the State have also increased.
1999 -- $16.50 Fee per ton of garbage sent to the landfill
2000 -- $16.50
2001 -- $18.50
2002 -- $21.00
2003 -- $21.00
2004 -- $21.00
2005 -- $21.00
2006 -- $21.00
2007 -- $23.00 Rate increased to $25.10 on November 1st
2008 -- $27.10
2009 -- $28.10 Rate increased to $36.50 on September 1st
2010 -- $41.20

How much did Hortonia spend on disposal fees?
1999 $8,855.43
2000 $8,805.44
2001 $11,739.46
2002 $13,520.42
2003 $12,198.75
2004 $13,241.68
2005 $14,088.50
2006 $18,837.00
2007 $19,741.71
2008 $20,529.58
2009 $25,355.88