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Town Board, Committees, Workers: Revision #77

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Town Board, Committees, Workers

Town of Hortonia Boards, Commissions & Workers - FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Prepared by the Town Clerk - August 30, 2009

The following questions and answers target Electors in the Town of Hortonia.

Who do I call if I have a question about...

Who are Hortonia's Elected Officials?

Is that it? Do they make up the "Board"?
There are 3 "Boards":

Wait! What about the "Town Board"?!
The "Town Board" = the Board of Supervisors which usually meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Town Hall along with the Treasurer and Clerk. Strictly speaking, the "Town Board" does not include the Treasurer, Clerk or Constable because they DO NOT VOTE. Only the Supervisors vote on Town issues. But, when the "Town Board" meets, the Clerk must be there to take minutes and the Treasurer must submit a monthly report. So, when there's a Town Board meeting, you can expect a quorum of supervisors (2 or more) to attend along with the Clerk and Treasurer.

What other committees, groups and individuals are employed or affiliated with the Town?

  • The Plan Commission (often referred to as the Planning Commission - 5 appointed members)
  • Poll Workers including the Chief Inspectors (administer elections - appointed by the Town Board)
  • Hortonville-Hortonia Fire and Rescue Commission - 5 members; 2 Town, 2 Village, 1 other
  • Building Inspector: Jim Emmons 779-6810/ 851-2989 cell / 779-0094 FAX
  • Assessor: Scott Borree, Borree Appraisal - 766-9166
  • Attorney: Rich Carlson, Silton Seifert Carlson Law Firm - 739-2366
  • Insurance Agent: Rob Krohlow, The Horton Group - (800) 383-8283

How do residents know when and where there's a meeting?
By law §19.84(3) a notice of every meeting must be posted. Notices are posted on this web site, on the Clerk's page. They are also posted, by law §985.02(2), in three other places. Every April the residents (electors) who live in the Township have an annual Town Meeting ( §60.10 - §60.16 ) and they recommend to the Board of Supervisors where they would like notices posted - currently: Town Hall front door, Fire Hall East (3) side doors, and, Modern Flooring. They are located, respectively, at: W9702 Givens Rd Hortonville (779-9780), 700 West Nye Street (County Rd TT) Hortonville, and N2750 County Rd T New London (982-4950).

What's the difference between Town and Township?
The Township is the physical/geographical boundary of the land that makes up Hortonia. The Town is the governing body. So, the Town of Hortonia refers to its people (typically its elected officials) and the Township of Hortonia refers to the parcels of land.

Can you give me a synopsis of the rest of the Boards, Commissions, etc?

Board of Review (BOR) – consists of the Town Supervisors and the Clerk

• John Jaeckle – Chairman
• Nancy Willenkamp – Supervisor #1
• Bob Luedke – Supervisor #2
• Lyn Neuenfeldt – Clerk of the Board of Review and voting member of the BOR
The Board of Review meets once per year to hear objections from residents about the assessed value of their property. !! CLICK HERE !! to get more information about contesting your property tax assessment in the Town of Hortonia. State Statute §70.46 stipulates the jurisdiction and function of the Board of Review.


Town Plan Commission members – 3 yr terms

Dave LeMahieu, Chairman – appointed 9/21/2009
David Ogilvie – appointed 7/14/2010
Ryan Van Camp – appointed 6/8/2010
• John Wiesner – appointed 5/6/2003
Nancy Willenkamp – elected 4/16/2009
State Statue §60.62(4) stipulates that the Planning Commission consists of 5 (five) members and they serve for 3 (three) year terms. The Town Chairman appoints them subject to confirmation by the Town Board. The Town Chairman also selects a presiding officer. The commission shall always have at least 3 (three) citizen members who are not town officials. Appointments shall be made during April for terms that expire in April.


Zoning Board of Appeals members – 3 yr terms

• Randy Dorow – appointed 1/5/1993
• Glenn Gradl – appointed 3/5/2002
• Chad Karpf – appointed 7/13/2010 (alternate)
• Dave Kriesel – appointed 12/2/1999
• Jerry Lund – appointed 2/8/2011 (alternate)
• Lee Marks – appointed 6/8/2010
• Dick Stauss, Chairman – appointed 2/3/1987
Per Hortonia Zoning ordinance 1.10(2)(a) and 1.10(2)(c) our Board of Appeals consists of 5 (five) members. They are appointed by the Chairman to 3 (three) year terms, subject to confirmation by the Board. Alternate members shall serve staggered terms of 3 (three) years.


Poll Workers (Election Inspectors) – term expires December 2011

• Roger Chitwood • Kay Huntley
• Laura Jankowski • Lynn LeMahieu, Chief Inspector
• Len Lathrop • Cindy Marty
• Anita Moeller • Jayne Neuenfeldt, Chief Inspector
• Heidi Simmons • Mariann Sykes
• Reta Wirth, Chief Inspector    • Lori Skrober


The Town Chairman nominates poll workers each odd-numbered year to the Town Board pursuant to §7.30(4). The Clerk appoints the Chief Inspectors per §7.30(6)(b). Poll workers consist of election inspectors and special registration deputies. Inspectors supervise voting and deputies are appointed to accept election day registrations.

Hortonville - Hortonia Fire and Rescue Commission (2 year terms)

• Craig Dreier, President - Village Trustee
• Bill Moeller, Vice President - Town resident - reappointed 6/8/2010
• Bob Luedtke, Secretary/Treasurer - Town Supervisor - reappointed 6/8/2010
• Jeff Fassbender - Village Trustee
• Dave Lathrop - Town resident - appointed 6/8/2010
The "Intergovernmental Agreement for Village of Hortonville - Town of Hortonia Joint Fire and Rescue Department" governs the jurisdiction of this commission whose purpose is to form a joint fire and rescue department for the mutual benefit of the Village and Town. This Agreement is entered into pursuant to authority granted by Sections §60.55, §61.65(2) and §66.0301, Wisconsin Statutes.