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Our History

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Our History

The Town of Hortonia's history dates back to 19th Century when in 1848 Alonzo E. Horton purchased 1,500 acres of land from the Governor of Wisconsin. The land cost him seventy cents an acre -  a steep price at the time. He was intent on using the land to establish a city site. In 1852, after establishing Hortonville, Alonzo Horton sold his interest in the community and headed for California to join in the Gold Rush. While in California, Mr. Horton founded the City of San Diego.

From it's humble beginning, the Town of Hortonia has been a farming community. Today, farming is still important. In more recent decades, residential development has become more and more prevalent as people seek rural locations with easy access to the employment opportunities in the Fox Cities. Through our Smart Growth Plan and zoning, The Town of Hortonia balances rural charm, undeveloped land and thoughtful residential development.

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