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Fire Hall: Revision #3

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Fire Hall

Hortonville-Hortonia Fire/EMS

Built in 2009 at a cost of about $1.2 million, our Fire Hall is located at the S.E. corner of the Town of Hortonia (S.W. corner of Hortonville) at 700 West Nye Street (County Rd TT). The Fire Hall is owned jointly by the Town of Hortonia and Village of Hortonville. If you have a Hortonia Fire Number or Village of Hortonville address, Fire Trucks and EMS vehicles will respond to you from this facility. However, ambulance service for the Town of Hortonia is through New London Family Medical.

If you live in the Town of Hortonia, beginning in 2010, this is where you will vote per resolution R2009.12.1

The Fire & Rescue Commission is the governing body responsible for the HHFD (Hortonville-Hortonia Fire District) and oversees the Fire Department and EMS. !! CLICK HERE !! and scroll to the bottom of the page to see who the Commissioners are. For more information about the Fire Hall, including minutes of meetings and articles, search on 'Fire' at the upper left of any web page and click the [search] button. Fire & Rescue Commission minutes can be found at the Village of Hortonville's web site: under the heading of 'Hortonville-Hortonia Fire District Commission'. When the Commission meets jointly with the other governing bodies, the heading is 'Committee of the Whole'.