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Andrew Hogan, Clerk (4/2009-4/2011)

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Town of Hortonia
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  • 11-18-2013
  • How to get a hold of me

    From time to time folks want to know about why the website was implemented a certain way back in 2010, or, why policies evolved as they did. I have some insights from my term and am willing to explain. I can be contacted via 

    My best regards to the residents of Hortonia. --Andrew 

My Bio

Andrew Hogan, Clerk (4/14/2009 - 4/12/2011)

  • elected as write-in (with 32 votes) beginning April 2009; taking over from retired clerk, Faye Marks
  • term expired April 12, 2011; Lyn M. Neuenfeldt sworn in as newly elected clerk
  • resident of Hortonia December 2001 - December 2012
  • married to Cindy Hogan since November 1996 - 2 children, attended Hortonville Elementary
  • former industrial control systems engineer, software trainer, web designer
  • philosophy in a nutshell: 1. if it isn't broke, don't break it 2. if it's not working, fix it 3. regular maintenance keeps stuff from breaking 4. you gotta keep up with change, else you get left behind 5. Good / Fast / Cheap - pick two

I want to thank everyone who voted for me in April 2009; everyone who helped me execute the duties of the office of clerk, including Marcia Kelly, former Dale Town Clerk; all Hortonia's officials, elected & appointed, whom I've had the pleasure of working beside; as well as personnel affiliated with the Town, County, State, WTA, WMCA, and more.

I especially want to thank the town electors who voted for me and put their faith in me during my term. I’m grateful for having the opportunity to participate in making the Town Of Hortonia a great place to live and raise a family.

Here is a summary of my term, day-to-day duties implied:

  • New / Updated binders of ordinances for Clerk & Supervisors
  • Rezonings of 2007 & 2008 approved by County & fully authenticated
  • 1996 zoning map updated & reprinted by section & as a single map
    • Hortonia’s zoning information available from County’s GIS web page
    • Zoning information available for look-up by parcel as a list
  • website setup for a small fraction of going rate
    • List of contacts, minutes, agendas, forms, resolutions, ordinances, maps, etc
    • Calendar of meetings & events (including which Fridays are for recycling)
    • Link to notices available from every web page
    • All zoning & land-use maps, lists, forms & information available
    • Minutes posted from current day going back to 1991
  • Communications
    • Town Web site provides information 24 x 7 x 365
    • Town Hall answering machine provides notice of upcoming meetings and other events; checked regularly for messages & calls returned / followed-up
    • Minutes expanded to cover debate beyond ‘There was discussion’
    • Annual Newsletter – consistent communication from Town Officials
  • Elections
    • Moved from Town Hall to Fire Hall
      • ADA compliant
      • Improved work conditions for poll workers (running water, etc)
    • Poll Workers Split into 2 shifts, per ordinance
      • Allows greater pool of workers to stay current
      • Reduces stress & fatigue from working 13+ hour days
    • Poll Work shift size flexible (odd number down to 3), per ordinance
      • Allows clerk to match number of workers to workload (reduces cost)
    • Training emphasized & rewarded
      • 7 of 14 poll workers are GAB certified having completed Core training
      • GAB certified workers hourly wage is $2 more than non-GAB-certified
    • Procedures and Deadlines for absentee ballots & registration available on-line
    • Ward Boundary and School District Maps available on-line
    • Voting Machines tested rigorously ahead of elections during both PreLAT & Public Test with expanded test ballots (edit list) including special conditions
    • Town’s election results available on-line
  • Raft Permits / Registration
    • Streamlined to allow both registration at Town Hall and by mail
    • Identified additional permittees
      • up from average of 45 (2001-2008) to 60 (2010-2011)
    • Detailed record of permits & cash-flow now kept on file
  • Sara Lee Refund
    • Negotiated with taxing districts to pay up-front in Oct. 2010, rather than after Feb. 2011
  • Compensation of Town Officials – disambiguated & consistent with neighboring municipalities
    • Codified compensation schedule for both elected and appointed officials
    • Payroll deductions now compliant with IRS definition of employee
  • Town Records
    • Check graphics and routing information updated
    • Forms updated & available on-line
    • Purging old files in compliance with records retention schedule (with help)
    • Insuring old records will not be lost in case of incident (fire, theft, etc)
      • Minutes (present to 1991), building permits (2009, 2010), contracts/agreements, ordinances uploaded to the web-site

The accomplishments of the office of the clerk would not have been possible had I not had the good fortune of standing on the shoulders of those who preceded me.

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