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Application: Building Permit


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Application: Building Permit

State of Wisconsin Application Form: SBD-5823(R.01/08)

Distribute copies of the filled-out form to:

  • Ply 1 – Issuing Jurisdiction (Town of Hortonia)
  • Ply 2 – Issuer (the Inspector) forwards to State w/in 30 days
  • Ply 3 – Building Inspector
  • Ply 4 – Applicant

Procedure for the applicant:

  • contact the Building Inspector regarding your application
  • get a paper application from the Inspector, or, print-out this on-line form
  • fill-out (or have the Building Inspector fill-out) the permit application
  • make a check payable to the Town of Hortonia for the proper amount (consult with the fee schedule ordinance and the Building Inspector for that amount)
  • mail the check and application to the Town of Hortonia, PO Box 301, Hortonville WI 54944-0301, or, give them to the Building Inspector
  • contact the clerk (by phone or e-mail) to ask when your permit will be put on the agenda for review by the Town Board
  • (recommended by not required) appear before Town Board to answer questions about your application at the next Board meeting
  • note: your application may be denied if your project does not conform to Town ordinances (the majority conform and are accepted)
  • note: no construction may begin until the building permit is approved by the Town Board - if your project requires a fast track decision by the Board, you can request a Special Meeting which will cost $300
  • note: !! CLICK HERE !! for the Fee Schedule Ordinance that governs the cost of your Building Permit
  • note: anyone who builds without a permit is subject to a fine - not less than $100 and not more than double the permit fee (for each offense)

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