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Minutes 2003 July 23 Planning Commission Public Hearing


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Minutes 2003 July 23 Planning Commission Public Hearing

Hortonia Planning Commission Public Hearing July 23, 2003

Meeting summary:

  • The hearing was called to order by Kevin Bolssen with all commission members and 29 others present. The purpose of the hearing was stated as the rezoning request of Tom Ort, E96l8 Pine Tree Lane, New London, WI and to discuss the rezoning of the Carroll Fulmer property done in 1997.
  • Jim Lamers of the DOT was present. He was questioned about expanding River Road to the west. He could see no problem with this at this time. He also stated Hortonia should be looking at a frontage road for access by Frick Ford and Oberstandt's after the Hwy 45 interchange is done.
  • Motion made by John Wiesner and seconded by Cedric Martin to rezone Parcel Nos. 120-240-00-3 and 12-0-240-02-3 from Rural Estate and Residential to Commercial District with the stipulation of producing a map for the road and meeting the other stipulations stated in the minutes. Carried.