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Minutes 2008 April 8 Annual Town Meeting


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Minutes 2008 April 8 Annual Town Meeting

Minutes of April 8 2008 Annual Town Meeting include: Meeting called to order by Chairman John Jaeckle with all board members and 19 others present; motion carried to dispense with the minutes from the April 10, 2007 Annual Town Meeting; motion carried to vote by show of hands; motion carried to approve the Town of Hortonia 2007 Financial Report; motion carried to to keep the same bank depositories, the main one being Wolf River Community Savings Bank; motion carried to to keep the line of credit at $50,000; motion carried to allow the town board to spend up to $275,000 on roadwork in 2008; motion carried to to set up a citizen committee to study / establish duties of the constable; motion carried to require three signatures for financing the fire hall and not to exceed $1.2 million; discussions about: tire collection, internet survey, posting of notices; and more; submitted by Clerk Faye Marks