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Minutes 2007 April 10 Annual Town Meeting


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Minutes 2007 April 10 Annual Town Meeting

Minutes of April 14 2007 Annual Town Meeting include: Meeting called to order by Supervisor Robert Luedtke; all board members except Supervisor Dennis Clegg and Chairman Kevin Bolssen present. Aprx 45 others also present. Newly elected town officers were sworn in—Chairman John Jaeckle, Supervisor Dan Mercer, Supervisor Robert Luedtke, Clerk Faye Marks, Treasurer Marilyn Martin, and Constable Kevin Clegg. Motion carried to vote by show of hands; motion carried to approve minutes from April 11, 2006 Annual Town Meeting; motion carried to approve financial report; motion carried to keep the same depositories, the main one being Wolf River Community Savings Bank; motion carried to keep the line of credit at $50,000; discussions about building up reserves, road maintenance, posting of weight limit signs, nuisance ordinance, voting machines, building inspector; and more; submitted by Clerk Faye Marks