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Minutes 2011 FEB 8 Town Board Meeting


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Minutes 2011 FEB 8 Town Board Meeting

Minutes of February 8 Town Board Meeting include:

  • Pledge of Allegiance recited. Meeting, called to order at 7:00 pm by Chairman John Jaeckle, had Board members Nancy Willenkamp and Bob Luedtke present; also present, Treasurer Marilyn Martin and Clerk Andrew Hogan; Constable Kevin Clegg absent. Four others present, including Plan Commission Chairman David LeMahieu, Deputy Clerk Lyn M. Neuenfeldt and Candidate for Outagamie County Clerk Amanda Dietrich.
  • Board verified that public notice of meeting was given on Town’s answering service 779-9780 and with agenda posted online, Town Hall, Fire Hall and Modern Flooring.
  • Luedtke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp, to approve minutes of January 11 Board meeting as published. Carried.
  • Treasurer gave report, including tax settlement details and delinquent personal property taxes of Prestige Limousine and Serenity Hills B&B. Luedtke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp to approve Treasurer’s report. Carried.
  • Clerk gave report summarizing notices & correspondence. Deputy Clerk provided outline of alternatives to publishing minutes, highlighting monthly bulk mailing option being half the cost of last year’s distribution via newspaper. Clerk tasked with including distribution of minutes as agenda item for April’s annual meeting. Minutes currently distributed via Buyers Guide and Town’s website.
  • LeMahieu reported on Plan Commission activities: had 2nd meeting on 2/1 to discuss zoning ordinance overhaul with horse enthusiasts proposing numerous changes to make zoning more horse friendly – Board skeptical about proposals. LeMahieu cautioned Board about missing development opportunities that would serve to preserve rural character while increasing total assessment value for Township; proposed end of April for first draft of overhauled zoning ordinance.
  • Chairman noted summary of meetings attended by officials between 1/1 and 1/31 on agendas: Jaeckle (6), Willenkamp (3), Luedtke (1), Hogan (5), Martin (1), Plan Commissioners (2).
  • Board heard from candidate Dietrich, stating County Clerk’s office should be run as efficiently and effectively as possible. An Appleton native, Dietrich described her work ethic, education, and prior experience with state and federal agencies assisting small businesses obtain loans and resources while serving in Congressman Kagen’s administration, as well as work for AmeriCorps, Habitat for Humanity and Red Cross.
  • Board heard from Luedtke (in absence of Lance Schmidt) discuss property insurance fire protection rating; cited potential reduction of $80 to $100 in insurance premium for township residents if individuals’ rating is reduced from 9 to 7 or 6.
  • Jaeckle appointed Jerry Lund to zoning Board of Appeals; mentioned appointments would be expiring this April for some members of Board of Appeals & Plan Commission; explained Andy Martin is interested in serving Town.
  • Board reviewed permit application from Esselman to bore 8 in. drain pipe at 6 ft. depth under Givens Rd; debated elements of application; Clerk relayed legal counsel’s input on the matter; Willenkamp motioned, seconded by Luedtke, to postpone action on permit to next Board meeting, citing insufficient time to review application materials. Carried – 3 ayes, 0 nays.
  • Board heard LeMahieu report on Plan Commission’s Feb. 1st motion to advise Board accept minor revisions to adopted Land Division / Subdivision ordinance as proposed by staff planner’s report and reviewed by counsel. LeMahieu explained revisions needed to comply with recent statutory changes, per Act 376. Clerk conveyed counsel’s opinion that these minor changes not require public hearing. Luedtke compared revision proposals to current document. Luedtke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp, to accept Plan Commission’s recommendation for minor revisions to Land Division / Subdivision ordinance facilitating compliance with statutes. Carried – 3 ayes, 0 nays.
  • Board discussed snowplowing issues; heard Julie Karmer explain that Schultz Rd was not plowed by County until after 1pm on 2/2; that County put plowing shoulder of TT ahead of clearing Schultz; that drifts on Schultz were knee high and impassible – car stuck; opined first responder cars would have gotten stuck, also; questioned why MCC was plowing Midway Rd.; Jaeckle explained County will not enter into contract with Town, only a road maintenance agreement that includes plowing; explained MCC authorized to plow Midway while en route to Dale to commence snow removal for Dale township. Board split on whether to contract with MCC or continue with County. Willenkamp tasked with calling Al Geurts and Dan Nejedlo to see what needs to be done to insure township roads are plowed by to 7am.
  • Board reviewed hardcopy of recycling information posted on Hortonia’s website; discussed County’s concern about inconsistency with ‘single stream’ message; Jaeckle motioned, seconded by Luedtke, to postpone any action on revisions to the website. Carried – 3 ayes, 0 nays.
  • Board discussed Town Hall maintenance issues. Luedtke stated Board must act this year, having deferred maintenance 2 years; must obtain proof of license & insurance from contractors. Willenkamp recommended beginning with changes to stovepipe configuration. Consensus reached that Hall needs roof replacement and painted. Debate ensued about what changes may jeopardize Hall’s eligibility for national registry [candidacy listed as: AHI #68Q36 with Wisconsin Historical Society]. Deputy Clerk tasked with soliciting input from Terry of Laib Restoration regarding alterations consistent with historic preservation, and identifying grants.
  • Board tabled discussion of draft compensation schedule for appointed officials.
  • Willenkamp motioned, seconded by Luedtke, to approve Spring Newsletter. Carried – 3 ayes, 0 nays.
  • Board discussed transfer of money to contingency account. Clerk provided board with report on 2010 expenses broken-out by category and month. Responding to Luedtke, Treasurer indicated $50,000 could be transferred from property tax account to contingency account. Luedtke opined that line of credit (and related fees) is unnecessary if Town maintains contingency fund; would save tax-payers’ money. Clerk noted contingency account earns half interest of general fund. Luedtke stated primary purpose of contingency account is means of building-up reserves to pay for future roadwork. Clerk tasked with soliciting input from counsel whether contingency fund can be segregated in accounting books but combined into one bank account. Board tabled action on funds transfer, pending clarifications.
  • Clerk reported complaint about raft ordinance citing most structures are shacks, not rafts. Although Town has jurisdiction over shacks within high water mark, ordinance inspection clauses pertain to structures in Wolf River. Complaint inferred that inspection fee, therefore, was not applicable to shacks. Luedtke stated all structures require registration sticker; no structures grandfathered. Willenkamp stated inspections would be done in April with help from Nyal Magadanz; issues would be addressed. Clerk tasked with obtaining river raft ordinances from local municipalities allowing Board to compare Hortonia’s regulations to others.
  • Clerk reported on issues with Town’s citation procedure. Luedtke favored revisiting issue after April’s elections.
  • Board heard request from Deputy Clerk regarding QuickBooks training. Luedtke requested Deputy Clerk submit monthly report as basis for compensation for work on minutes, Hall maintenance, training, etc. Luedtke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp, to compensate Deputy Clerk at rate of $10/hr and approve proposed QuickBooks training. Carried – 3 ayes, 0 nays.
  • Luedtke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp, to pay the bills as printed totaling $26,796.82 (not including utility EFTs) with an additional $2,086.09 checks printed for tax refunds. Carried – 3 ayes, 0 nays. Figures for tax settlement disbursements to FVTC, HASD, SDNL, OC & BOLD still pending.
  • Meeting adjourned 8:52pm. Next regular Board meeting: Tuesday, March 8, at 7:00 pm.

These minutes are unapproved and subject to final Town Board approval. Respectfully submitted, Andrew Hogan, Clerk

Ag land owners are encouraged to attend 7:30 pm, March 2, Plan Commission meeting regarding modifications to Farmland Preservation component of Hortonia's zoning ordinance.

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