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Minutes 2011 JAN 11 Monthly Board Meeting


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Minutes 2011 JAN 11 Monthly Board Meeting

Minutes of January 11 Town Board Meeting include:

  • Pledge of Allegiance recited. Meeting, called to order at 7:00 pm by Chairman John Jaeckle, had Board members Nancy Willenkamp and Bob Luedtke present; also present, Treasurer Marilyn Martin and Clerk Andrew Hogan; Constable Kevin Clegg absent. Ten others present, including Plan Commission Chairman David LeMahieu, Town Attorney Rich Carlson, Candidates for Outagamie County Clerk Lori O'Bright and Amanda Dietrich and Candidate for County Executive Thomas Nelson.
  • Board verified that public notice of meeting was given on Town’s answering service 779-9780 and with agenda posted online, Town Hall, Fire Hall and Modern Flooring.
  • Luedtke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp, to approve minutes of December 14 Board meeting as posted. Carried.
  • Treasurer gave report, explaining tax settlement details. Luedtke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp to approve Treasurer’s report. Carried.
  • Jaeckle sought to move money into contingency fund to begin saving for repair work to Schultz road (estimated, approximately $135,000). Responding to Luedtke, Treasurer verified Town had balance of $27,387.67 at years end. Clerk tasked with providing Board report of financial figures so Board can act to transfer appropriate amount into contingency fund.
  • Chairman noted summary of meetings attended by officials between 12/1 and 1/11 on agendas: Jaeckle (6), Luedtke (1), Willenkamp (3), Hogan (5), Martin (1), Plan Commissioners (2) + workshops.
  • Board heard from O’Bright(R), who explained her credential for office of county clerk, among them being 26 yrs experience with Outagamie County in County Clerk’s office, Legislative Services Office, County Executive’s Office and supervisor with financial oversight within the Solid Waste Dept. O’Bright also spoke of 4-yr tenure as small business owner w/husband Randy, volunteer work and education.
  • Board heard from Nelson(D), explaining lessons learned as 3-term lawmaker and former State Assembly Majority Leader. Nelson looked forward to building strong relationships with local municipalities if elected to County Executive. Answering Jaeckle’s question, Nelson felt Outagamie County was an excellent financial steward citing AAA bond rating and low levies; spoke of continuing the fiscal path while working with fewer resources in light of imminent cuts in state aid and shared revenue.
  • Board heard from Diedtrich(D), who expressed her passion for helping people exemplified by work done assisting folks locate/apply for grants, care and key resources while serving as congressional case worker within Congressman Steve Kagen’s administration. Diedtrich, an Appleton native, felt her work ethic, education, energy and dedication to good government prepared her for office of county clerk.
  • Board reviewed proposed Land Division / Subdivision ordinance. Carlson fielded Luedtke’s questions incl. the Conservation Subdivision component not being mandatory, and expansion of design standards. LeMahieu explained decision elements at the discretion of the Plan Commission. Luedtke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp, to adopt ordinance O2011.01.2 Repealing and Recreating Land Division and Subdivision Regulations in the Town of Hortonia. Carried – 3 ayes, 0 nays.
  • Board discussed Attorney’s Chudacoff notice soliciting input from atty. Carlson on how to proceed. Carlson recommended timely response. Board sought assurance that response did not constitute authorization of boring project. Carlson & clerk tasked with providing Board with response letter including terms, conditions and documents required in order for Board to act on request.
  • Board discussed Magadanz variance request. Atty. Carlson provided context and insight into circumstances and litigation [not involving Hortonia] dating back to 1994; opined that granting variance would be prudent; tasked with helping to craft resolution for Board of Appeals should Magadanz submit variance application. Responding to Jaeckle, Carlson stated that regardless of footprint of house following remodeling project, critical items are that structure is not grandfathered because circuit court ruled that structure was substantially improved more than 50%, and, Magadanz signed stipulation limiting his options. Carlson tasked with giving careful scrutiny to all elements of Town’s involvement.
  • Board reviewed updated zoning map and list provided by clerk. Luedtke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp, to accept resolution R2011.01.1 adopting zoning map & list corrected 12/15/2010. Carried – 3 ayes, 0 nays.
  • Board reviewed quotes from Erickson and Schenck regarding audit of Town’s 2010 financial books, factoring time constraints. Luedtke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp, to proceed with Erickson’s quote for completing audit prior to Town’s April annual meeting. Carried – 3 ayes, 0 nays.
  • Clerk appointed Lyn Neuenfeldt as deputy clerk and administered oath.
  • Board discussed newsletter articles and resolved to provide clerk with articles by January 21.
  • Board reviewed quotes from Print Shop of New London and Bouwer Printing and Mailing of Appleton soliciting input from Clerk and floor. Luedtke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp, to proceed with Print Shop’s quote for printing and mailing the Hortonia Newsletter in February. Carried – 3 ayes, 0 nays.
  • Board resolved to select Saturday March 5 and 12 to accept raft registration at Town Hall from 8am to noon.
  • Board resolved to select 3rd week in April for recycling of Hortonia Township tires.
  • Board heard from LeMahieu seeking direction on procedure to bring vote at annual Town meeting regarding posting minutes in newspaper, citing discussion on costs of this service would be productive. Carlson opined that any actionable item enlisting direct powers by electors as authorized by statute §60.10 should be on the agenda, however, any item up for advisory vote only need not be.
  • Luedtke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp, to pay the bills as printed totaling $26,627.88 (not including utility EFTs) and tax settlement disbursements to FVTC, HASD, SDNL, OC & BOLD totaling $619,034.20. Carried – 3 ayes, 0 nays.
  • Luedtke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp, to add $13,940 HHFD Brush Truck payment to list of bills [figure presented by clerk in 2011 budget]. Carried – 3 ayes, 0 nays.
  • Meeting adjourned 8:09pm. Next regular Board meeting: Tuesday, February 8, at 7:00 pm.

These minutes are unapproved and subject to final Town Board approval. Respectfully submitted, Andrew Hogan, Clerk

Interested parties are encouraged to attend 6:30 pm, February 1, Plan Commission meeting regarding zoning ordinance overhaul.

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