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Minutes 2010 MAY 11 Monthly Board Meeting


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Minutes 2010 MAY 11 Monthly Board Meeting

Minutes of May 11 Town Board Meeting include:

  • Pledge of Allegiance recited. Meeting, called to order by Chairman John Jaeckle, had Board members Bob Luedtke, Nancy Willenkamp present; also, Treasurer Marilyn Martin, Clerk Andrew Hogan and Constable Kevin Clegg present. Four others were present, including Board of Appeals member Glenn Gradl.
  • Town Board verified that public notice of meeting and agenda were posted at Town Hall, Fire Hall, Modern Flooring,, and Town’s answering service 779-9780.
  • Luedtke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp to approve Board meeting minutes as posted. Carried.
  • Treasurer gave report. Luedtke asked Martin to send HHFD payments to HHFD Treasurer in lieu of PO Box. Luedtke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp to approve Treasurer’s report. Carried.
  • Clerk gave report prompting discussion among Board members about tire dumpster service, credit card resolution, hosting WTA unit meeting; further discussion postponed to new business or future meeting. Willenkamp motioned, seconded by Luedtke to approve Clerk’s report. Carried.
  • Board reported on meetings attended through May 10. Summary of meetings attended presented on printed agendas: Jaeckle (3), Luedtke (4), Willenkamp (4), Hogan (7), Martin (2).
  • Board heard from Clerk on behalf of Kelly Carothers seeking 2nd driveway. No action taken.
  • Board postponed hearing from Co. Sheriff Fitzpatrick to next meeting.
  • Board discussed Jim Clegg’s River Rd extension proposal west of STH 15. Jaeckle concluded there are 2 separate issues: (1) WisDOT granting access to STH 15, (2) Board approving Clegg’s CSM proposal. Jaeckle agreed to follow-up on Davel Engr. petition for road access. Luetke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp to have Atty. Carlson draw-up a developer’s agreement stipulating restriction that developer bear the cost of constructing the future town road. Carried.
  • Board discussed Esselman proposals regarding altering ditch along Givens Rd to promote better drainage of farm fields. Board expressed concern about unintended consequences. Board sought review of FEMA maps. Board noted no one representing the proposals present at this meeting to field questions. Luedtke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp to table discussion. Carried.
  • Luedtke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp, to adopt resolution R2010.5.1 “Amending Amount to Rescind and Refund Sara Lee Tax” [amending R2010.4.1 refund values]. Carried – 3 ayes, 0 nays.
  • Board tasked Clerk with communicating to Sara Lee and taxing jurisdictions that Town will pay Sara Lee the refund amount $291,804.01 stipulated by R2010.5.1 on September 1, 2010.
  • Board postponed action on retroreflectivity to the September monthly meeting.
  • Luedtke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp, to adopt ordinance O2010.05.1 “Town of Hortonia Plan Commission Ordinance” [repealing and replacing the Plan Commission ordinance adopted March 9, 2010]. Carried – 3 ayes, 0 nays.
  • Willenkamp motioned, seconded by Luedtke, to adopt ordinance O2010.05.2 “Town Constable” [repealing and replacing the Town Constable ordinance adopted September 22, 1988]. Carried – 3 ayes, 0 nays.
  • Appointments to Plan Commission, Hortonville-Hortonia Fire District and Board of Appeals postponed. Persons interested in serving on these municipal organizations please contact Chairman Jaeckle 779-4287. Jurisdiction & duties of the 5 member Board of Appeals are described in Town’s zoning ordinance. Jurisdiction & duties of 5 Plan Commissioners are described in the Town’s ordinance O2010.05.1. Jurisdiction and duties of 5 HHFD Commissioners are described in “Intergovernmental Agreement for Village of Hortonville – Town of Hortonia Joint Fire and Rescue Department”.
  • Discussion of placement of regulatory buoys in Wolf River for Slow-No-Wake ordinance compliance postponed pending input from Lee Volz regarding procurement of buoys.
  • Board discussed raft inspections as part of the Constable’s duties. No action taken.
  • Board postponed acting on disbursement of raft registration fees, pending completion of raft inspections.
  • Board directed Clerk to put referendum question adopted at Annual Meeting on November 2nd ballot.
  • Board discussed merit of cooperative wireless broadband internet initiative; directed Clerk to follow-up with NTD for proposal.
  • Board reviewed summary of building permits: 2 issued last month.
  • Board discussed options for hosting Wisconsin Towns Association unit meeting.
  • Board heard from Sherry Gradl questioning why permit was issued allowing garage to be built in front of house. Discussion ensued as to whether or not Town’s zoning ordinance stipulates location of garage. Clerk tasked with following-up with Building Inspector Emmons and Board of Appeals Chair Stauss.
  • Willenkamp motioned, seconded by Luedtke, to pay the bills as printed. Carried.
  • Meeting adjourned. Next regular Board meeting: Thursday, June 8, at 7:00 p.m. includes visit from State Representative Kevin Petersen.
  • Board of Review will be called to order June 8, at 6:55 p.m. to adjourn to future date of July 7.
  • These minutes are unapproved and subject to final Board approval.

Documents related to the Agenda:
!! CLICK HERE !! for O2010.5.1 Plan Commission ordinance
!! CLICK HERE !! for O2010.5.2 Town Constable ordinance
!! CLICK HERE !! for R2010.5.1 Resolution amending the amount to Rescind and Refund Sara Lee Tax