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Ordinance: Land Division / Subdivision


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Ordinance: Land Division / Subdivision

2011 January 6 Ordinance - Land Division and Subdivision Regulations, Town of Hortonia, Outagamie County, Wisconsin.

The first draft ordinance was presented by Jeff Sanders of Community Planning and Consulting to the Town Board and Plan Commission on March 9th, 2010 - !! CLICK HERE !! for minutes.

A 4th draft ordinance was provided by Jeff Sanders to the Plan Commission on 11/1/2010. This draft was recommended by Plan Commission resolution to the Town Board.

This document was created from that 4th draft, as revised subsequent to input at the public hearing held 1/6/2011, and Town Board action of 2/8/2011 (requiring minor revisions for Act 376 compliance). !! CLICK HERE !! for minutes from the public hearing held January 6, 2011.

This set of regulations replaces the old Conservation Subdivision Ordinance and Land-division Ordinance.
• !! CLICK HERE !! for the repealed Conservation Subdivision Ordinance.
• !! CLICK HERE !! for the repealed Land-division Ordinance.

The details of the ordinance were guided by the Town's Comprehensive Plan ( !! CLICK HERE !! ) and by feedback from a Worksheet given to the Town Board, Plan Commission and Board of Appeals ( !! CLICK HERE !! ).

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Document(s) related to the Land Division / Subdivision ordinance:
!! CLICK HERE !! for the application form for CSM approval
!! CLICK HERE !! for the Concept Plan application form
!! CLICK HERE !! for the Preliminary Plat application form
!! CLICK HERE !! for the Final Plat application form
!! CLICK HERE !! for the draft fee schedule document
!! CLICK HERE !! for 11/2/2010 Plan Commission minutes
!! CLICK HERE !! for resolution R2010.11.1PC recommending the regs
!! CLICK HERE !! for minutes of 1/6/2011 Public Hearing
!! CLICK HERE !! for O2011.01.2 repealing & recreating Land / Subdiv regs
!! CLICK HERE !! for minutes of 1/11/2011 adopting the ordinance
!! CLICK HERE !! for staff report on WI Act 376
!! CLICK HERE !! for minutes of 2/1/2011 Plan Commission meeting re: Act 376
!! CLICK HERE !! for minutes of 2/8/2011 adopting revisions re: Act 376