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Minutes 2010 MAR 9 Town Board Meeting


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Minutes 2010 MAR 9 Town Board Meeting

Minutes of March 9 Town Board Meeting include:

  • Treasurer gave report. Luedtke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp to approve Treasurer’s report. Carried: 3 ayes 0 nays.
  • Clerk reported on correspondence: WE Energies soliciting road weight limit restrictions, sign reflectivity Firefly Services, HHFD $6000 unpaid invoice, Fire Hall loan: coupon book vs. checking account.
  • Board reported on meetings attended through Feb. 8. Summary of meetings attended presented on printed agendas: Jaeckle (4), Luedtke (1), Willenkamp (1), Hogan (4), Martin (1).
  • Board heard from Village Police Chief Sullivan about County Rd TT speed limit reduction to 45 MPH, safety issues and enforcement of speed limits.
  • Board heard from Terry Prewitt and Randy Tenpas regarding driveway issues. Land owners not interested in seeing a town road associated with parcel 120-0115-00. Prewitt provided Board with details about his proposed driveway. Lengthy discussion followed regarding details of proposed driveway.
  • Jaeckle motioned, seconded by Luedtke, to support County granting a conditional use permit for excavating and filling within 300ft of a navigable waterway for Prewitt parcel 120-0114-00. Carried: 3 ayes 0 nays.
  • Board heard from Cindy Hogan representing Horse Enthusiasts group providing petition with 62 signatures requesting that Town make changes to zoning & subdivision ordinances and land use plans to facilitate horse trails and ease restrictions on minimum lot size required for horse ownership. Eight others attended Board meeting in support of Horse Enthusiast initiatives with some citing cases of development revenue lost to neighboring townships. Sanders weighed in. Board agreed to take requests under consideration.
  • Board tabled acting on updated FLU map revision.
  • Board reviewed Sanders’ draft Conservation Subdivision ordinance. Sanders provided exhibits, examples and fielded questions. Discussion was lengthy. Attorney Carlson and Sanders debated elements of the ordinance resolving to meet to address details. No action taken by Board.
  • Board reviewed Carlson’s draft Plan Commission ordinance with debate focusing on number of Board members serving concurrently on the Plan Commission. Luedtke motioned, seconded by Jaeckle, to adopt the ordinance as is. Carried: 2 ayes, 1 nay.
  • Board tabled review of updated zoning atlas and acting on revised official map ordinance.
  • Luedtke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp to approve Operator’s License for Tina Christian. Carried: 3 ayes 0 nays.
  • Luedtke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp to approve the use of Clerk’s updated Operator’s License application form. Carried: 3 ayes 0 nays.
  • Luedtke resolved to cover the Town’s portion of the cost of the HHFD truck with money form the contingency fund. Luedtke motioned, seconded by Willenkamp to fund HHFD $9,354.61 for the purpose of purchasing a pickup truck to tow emergency gear. Carried: 3 ayes 0 nays.
  • Board tabled authorizing County Hwy Dept. to audit and/or install updated Town Road and Fire Number signs. Jaeckle working to get estimate for budget figure for next year.
  • Board discussed Hillshire/Sara Lee contesting assessment figures. Clerk cited certified mail on 2/16 from WI Property Tax Consultants showing Tax Appeals Commission ruling last signature of 1/27 with adjustments totaling [net] $19,173,413 for real and personal property, with an estimated refund owed to Sara Lee of $291,765 within 90 days of the 1/27 signature. Atty. Carlson questioned notification procedure. Jaeckle objected to timing citing 3 years for Dept. of Revenue to reach agreement w/Sara Lee, giving Town statutory 90 days to pay refund. Board directed Clerk to work with respective parties & stakeholders to finalize figures and clarify refund options noting that Town owes Sara Lee an estimated $35,169 portion of said refund, with N.L. School Dist., Outagamie County, Fox Valley Tech. and other taxing districts being larger stakeholders.
  • Board tabled review of April Town Meeting agenda, draft resolutions and draft annual report.
  • Board tabled review of building permits citing none to review.
  • Board tabled River Rd CSM discussion.
  • Board discussed weight limits on Town Roads with Jaeckle signing WE Energies document request.
  • Luedtke motioned, seconded by Jaeckle to have a tire pickup at Supervisor Willenkamp’s property, W9544 County Rd TT, scheduled for April 16 through 23 to recycle used tires. Carried: 3 ayes 0 nays.
  • Constable discussed difficulty with removing unruly dog citing need to borrow equipment from Greenville’s animal control officer. Board directed Constable to provide estimate of equipment cost.
  • Willenkamp motioned, seconded by Luedtke, to pay the bills as printed. Carried: 3 ayes 0 nays.