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Minutes 2010 Jan. 26 Public Hearing


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Minutes 2010 Jan. 26 Public Hearing

Minutes of January 26 Public Hearing for the Town of Hortonia include:

Public Hearing for the Proposed 20-yr Future Land Use map

  • The Pledge of Allegiance was said.
  • The Public Hearing, called to order by Chairman Jaeckle at 7:00 p.m., had all Plan Commissioners present including Nancy Willenkamp, John Wiesner, Rick Martin and Dave LeMahieu; also present, Clerk Andrew Hogan. Twenty others were also present including Attorney Rich Carlson, Building Inspector Jim Emmons and Jeff Sanders of Community Planning and Consulting, LLC.
  • The proposed 20-yr Future Land Use map was reviewed and discussed with the Clerk entering into evidence 3 comment exhibits:
    • Ex.1 - Letter from City of New London Mayor, Gary Henke !! CLICK HERE !!
      • !! CLICK HERE !! for Land Use map entered as testimony by the Town of Hortonia in response to the letter correcting a mapping error regarding the Sara Lee property
    • Ex.2 - Letter from Horse Enthusiasts !! CLICK HERE !!
    • Ex.3 - !! CLICK HERE !! for STH15 map entered as testimony by WisDOT
      • !! CLICK HERE !! for earlier map of  route chosen through the Township for Hwy 15 Bypass of the Village of Hortonville
  • John Wiesner motioned, seconded by Nancy Willenkamp, to adjourn the public hearing. Carried.

Special Meeting of Town Board and Plan Commission 

  • The meeting, called to order by Chairman Jaeckle at 7:45 p.m., had the same persons present.
  • Rick Martin motioned, seconded by Dave LeMahieu, for the Plan Commission to recommend to the Town Board adoption of the 20-Year Future Land Use map revised [on 12-22-09 by Omnni Associates in response to the City of New London’s objections] and presented as evidence at the public hearing. Carried – 3 ayes: Rick Martin, Dave LeMahieu, John Jaeckle; 1 abstain: Nancy Willenkamp; 1 nay: John Wiesner.
  • Attorney Carlson advised the Town Board to adopt the FLU Map by ordinance. Clerk Hogan tasked with drawing up the ordinance for the next Board meeting.
  • Nancy Willenkamp motioned, seconded by John Jaeckle, to accept the Professional Planning Services Agreement between the Town of Hortonia and Community Planning and Consulting, LLC. Carried – 2 ayes, 0 nay.
  • Jim Emmons, solicited an opinion from the Board and Plan Commission as to whether or not a building permit should be to granted Terry Prewitt, given the current driveway access situation. Attorney Carlson stated that the Town should not exacerbate the [planning] problems affecting multiple properties by granting a variance, instead, a CSM would be a means to fix the problem as long as it included a 66ft wide road easement where the land would be reserved for a future public road.
  • Jeff Sanders briefly discussed the Working Lands Initiative citing that anything that is not zone A-1 (prime agricultural district) will be unaffected.
  • Jeff Sanders reviewed elements of his staff report recommending that revising the conservation subdivision should be the first step in the Town’s process to update its land use related ordinances.
  • Consensus among Commissioners and Supervisors was for Sanders to provide the Clerk with documents related to the ordinance development process and conservation subdivision worksheet (!! CLICK HERE !! for worksheet).
  • Nancy Willenkamp motioned, seconded by Rick Martin, to adjourn the special meeting [at 8:43 p.m.], Carried.

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