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Press - Building Relationships Throughout the Community


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Press - Building Relationships Throughout the Community

-- Newspaper clipping --
Friday, September 14, 2001 - page 5
by Sheli Strunc
(Posted with permission from the Press-Star, a division of Journal Community Publishing Group)

Building Relationships Throughout the Community

Four young men in the "About Face" program at Rawhide, recently helped in the repainting of the Hortonia Town Hall.

According to Kevin Bolssen, Hortonia Town Chairman, the Town Hall is over 100 years old. "The boys have accomplished a long term service to the community by helping to scrape and repaint the Town Hall, they will be able to come back years from now, and say, 'I did that."

The program is about teaching life and occupational skills as well as giving back to the community. "We are a service core program with a military influence," said Cpt. Earl Schmoll, project coordinator. Schmoll has been serving with the Army for the past 12 years.

"I like getting jobs like this one. The boys are learning a skill and it benefits the community at the same time." said Schmoll.

The "About Face" program consists of two houses within Rawhide where the boys are active in the program. Working in area communities for two weeks and going to school the other two weeks.

Bolssen seen the need for the old building and contacted Rawhide, asking if they would be interested in repainting the Town Hall as weIl as trimming the bushes, and cleaning up the area.

"It's a win-win situation," he said. "The boys are donating their service to the community, and they are learning skills that will be beneficial to them," Bolssen said. "And, they did a very good job."