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Map: 2009 School Districts in Hortonia Township


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Map: 2009 School Districts in Hortonia Township

2009 School District Map for Hortonia Township - shows #610 HASD (Hortonville Area School District) and #271 New London School District boundaries in Hortonia. This map is provided for informational use only. Anyone seeking definitive information needs to check the tax assessment roll or their tax bill to see whether Hortonville (tax code #2583) or New London (tax code #3955) is specified in the 'taxing jurisdiction'. Just because a resident's mail-stop is Hortonville, doesn't mean they are in the HASD, and conversely, just because someone's mail-stop is New London, doesn't mean their district is New London. Finally, it's possible to send your children to a school outside your district, however, be advised that the school portion of your taxes are sent to the school specified by your taxing jurisdiction, and, you can only vote on school issues for the school in your specified taxing jurisdiction. So, for example, if your kids attend Hortonville, but your taxing jurisdiction is New London, then you can not vote on Hortonville school's referendums, but, you can vote on New London's.

Contact Information
Hortonville Area School District
246 North Olk Street
Hortonville, WI 54944
Phone: 920-779-7900
Contact Information
School District of New London
901 West Washington Street
New London, WI 54961
Phone: 920-982-8530

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