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2010 Fire-Number / Address Map for the Town of Hortonia


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2010 Fire-Number / Address Map for the Town of Hortonia

Town of Hortonia 2010 Fire-Number Map of the Township

This map shows the locations of fire-number signs in the Town of Hortonia.

These are not the locations of mailboxes, and the actual location of the residence or business may be out of view from the fire-number sign, at the end of a private driveway. Be advised that the Town of Hortonia is currently in the process of procuring new, highly reflective fire-number signs to replace the old ones. We hope to have all the fire numbers replaced by late Spring of 2011.

Source: Outagamie County Planning Department
Updated: May 2010
Cartographer: Traci Schiltz

Neither the Town of Hortonia nor Outagamie County is responsible for any inaccuracies or unauthorized use of the information contained within. No warranties are implied.