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Form: Building Permit Requirements


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Form: Building Permit Requirements

Building Inspector: Jim Emmons 779-6810  / 779-0094 FAX

Town of Hortonia Building Permit Requirements

  1. A complete set of building plans, including a site plan
  2. State approved plans may be required for commercial projects, depending on the size of the project
  3. Verify current zoning district of proposed building. Information on allowed uses and minimum requirements of all districts may be obtained from the Town Clerk or from the Town web site (see zoning ordinances)
  4. Site / grade elevation sheet
  5. Heat loss calculations
  6. Soil erosion control information
  7. Sanitary Permit from Outagamie County Zoning (see the county's fee schedule)
  8. Driveway site plan with culvert size
  9. Estimate of building cost & tax parcel number where building will stand
  10. The license # and/or certificate # for each contractor / subcontractor.

Inspection Requirements - UDC Building Code Enforced per Ordinance

  1. Residential – footing and foundation (before backfilling)
    Commercial – separate footing and separate foundation
    Note: Zoning setbacks are also commonly verified at the time of footing inspection.
  2. Underground plumbing (before covering)
  3. Electrical service
  4. Rough construction, electric, plumbing, HVAC (before insulation)
  5. Insulation (before covering)
    Note: Occupancy will NOT BE ALLOWED until final inspection is completed and a Certificate of Occupancy is issued.
  7. If necessary, a re-final (after violations are corrected) within 30 days

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