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Form: Driveway / Culvert Permit Application


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Form: Driveway / Culvert Permit Application

Application for Driveway / Culvert Permit

pursuant to the terms of the Access Ordinance and the Driveway & Culvert Ordinance

NOTE: Include a sketch showing the location of the proposed driveway / culvert with driveway / culvert dimensions and distances to property lines. Fee is $50 (see Fee Schedule Ordinance) made payable to TOWN OF HORTONIA at time of request. Return the completed form and supporting materials to either the Clerk or Building Inspector. Once your submission and documents are received, your request will be reviewed and acted on by the Building Inspector. If a variance is required or some other issue arises, the Inspector may need to get an opinion from the Town Board or you may be required to present your application to the Plan Commission.

To obtain a map of your location including property lines we recommend browsing the OLI GIS (Outagamie Land Information Geographic Information Server) web site at From this site, you can enter your parcel number, then click the "Buffer Selection" icon (it looks like a small yellow and white tic-tac-toe drawing). After clicking this icon, you can specify the distance around your parcel (example: 100 feet), then press the [Submit] button. You will then get a MAP and LIST of adjoining property owners. From this point, you are given the option to [Print] the information. Even if this map is too small to sketch your culvert / driveway, it will give you a starting point.
To get a 'zoomed-in' map, you can go to and zoom in to the section of your parcel.

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