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Ordinance: Uniform Dwelling Code


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Ordinance: Uniform Dwelling Code

2004 June 1 Ordinance - An Ordinance Adopting the Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code and Creating the Position of Building Inspector

Purpose: To promote the general health, safety, welfare and to maintain required local uniformity with the administrative and technical requirements of the Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code.

Scope: This ordinance applies to the construction and inspection of all one and two family dwellings built since June 1, 1980; the alteration or addition to dwellings built prior to June 1, 1980; and all garages and other residential accessory buildings exceeding 300 square feet in area.

WI Uniform Dwelling Code (UDC): Chapters COMM 20-25 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code ("Code") and all amendments thereto, is adopted and incorporated by reference and shall apply to all buildings within the scope of this ordinance.

Building Inspector: Shall administer and enforce this ordinance and shall be certified by the Division of Safety and Buildings as specified by Section 101.66(2), Wisconsin Statutes, in the category of Uniform Dwelling Code Construction Inspector. Additionally, the Building Inspector shall possess certification categories of UDC HVAC, UDC Electrical, and UDC Plumbing. Appointed by the Town Board; 2-year contract basis, presently.

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