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Ordinance: Wolf River Rafts


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Ordinance: Wolf River Rafts

2003 April 13 Ordinance No. 1-2003 Regulation of Fishing Rafts on the Wolf River

Persons using Rafts on the Wolf River must register annually. !! CLICK HERE !! for registration application.

Ordinance Purpose:

  • To establish certain restrictions on the placement, use and storage of fishing rafts.
  • To provide for annual registration and inspection of fishing rafts.
  • To establish certain construction and maintenance standards for fishing rafts.

Why? Historically, fishing rafts have been on the Wolf River and its tributaries from the Shawano dam downstream to Lake Poygan. Typically, most rafts are used during spring fish spawning runs. The number and conditions of rafts has caused conflicts with the other river users and has resulted in other problems on the Wolf River. The need to regulate fishing rafts is hereby recognized by the Town of Hortonia, Outagamie County, Wisconsin.

Fishing Rafts May Not:

  1. Obstruct navigation or interfere with public rights.
  2. Be located in the channel of the waterway.
  3. Block more than 25% ofthe width of the waterway, singularly, or in combination with other fishing rafts.
  4. Be located within ten (10) feet of another fishing raft.
  5. Be placed in the waterway except by a riparian property owner next to their own land or except by written permission of the riparian property owner.
  6. Be placed into the river or below (waterward) of the ordinary high water mark prior to March 1st of any year and must be removed from the river and placed above (landward) of the ordinary high water mark by October 31st of each year.
  7. Be stored above (landward) of the ordinary high water mark of the river, for an entire calendar year without the proper variance granted by the town board of supervisors for the Town of Hortonia.
  8. Be equipped with toilets unless those toilets comply with rules of the Wisconsin Department of Commerce. (COMM ch. 86, WAC or the most current revision)
  9. Be abandoned.
  10. Be placed into the water with improper flotation devices.
  11. Be improperly maintained. (s. 30. 126(5)(j) Stats.)
  12. Be used as a fishing raft unless registered as such.
    13. Exceed 512 sq. feet with no maximum dimension being longer than 32 feet. Rafts registered prior to Jan. 1,2001 shall be deemed to
    be in compliance with this provision.
    14. Have a maximum height from the deck to the peak of the roofline greater than 11 feet. Rafts registered prior to Jan. 1,2001 shall be
    deemed to be in compliance with this provision.

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