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Ordinance: Alternative Tax Refund


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Ordinance: Alternative Tax Refund

1999 December 9 Ordinance - An Ordinance for Alternative Claim Procedure for Refunds of Tax Payments in Excess of Tax Bill Amounts

Purpose: Tax payments made in excess of the tax bill amounts shall be refunded pursuant to the procedures established under this ordinance within 15 business days of the payment. Further it is the declared intent that this policy shall be in full force and effect upon adoption by the town board, with the purpose of complying with Sec. 74.03 (2) of Wis. Statutes (as adopted by 1997 Wis. Act 315).

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Andrew Hogan, Clerk (4/2009-4/2011) wrote re: Ordinance: Alternative Tax Refund
on 08-09-2009 11:26 PM

The Minutes of the Monthly Town Board Meeting held December 2, 1999 show the following, "Motion made by Ron Surprise and seconded by Dennis Clegg to approve an Ordinance for Claim Procedure Tax Refund. Carried."