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Ordinance: Jurisdiction and Duties of Constable


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Ordinance: Jurisdiction and Duties of Constable

2010 May 11 Ordinance O2010.05.2 - Town Constable

The constable shall:

  • Enforce town ordinances by serving citations for violations
  • Inform the District Attorney of all trespasses on public lands of which he has knowledge or information
  • Impound cattle, horses, sheep, swine and other animals at large on the roadways in violation of any duly published order or bylaw adopted at an annual town meeting
  • Capture, restrain and deliver any dog running at large off the premises of its owner or some other person to the county pound or humane society and notify the owner personally or by mail as soon as possible if the owner is known or can be ascertained with reasonable effort
  • Assist the Town Board in investigating claims for damages to animals
  • Investigate and report violations of the town ordinance prohibiting the discharge of firearms and guns to the Town Board
  • Perform raft inspections pursuant to the Town of Hortonia ordinance regulating fishing rafts on the Wolf River
  • Deploy in Spring, retrieve in Fall and maintain in Summer the buoys required by the Town of Hortonia Slow-No-Wake ordinance for the Wolf River
  • Perform such other duties as prescribed by law or the Town Board

Adopted May 11th, 2010 and published May 12th, 2010, this ordinance shall repeal and replace the ordinance adopted September 22nd 1988 entitled, “Ordinance No. 1988 An ordinance repealing ordinance no.1987 and re-establishing the jurisdiction and duties of the Town Constable”.

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