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Ordinance: Public Nuisance


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Ordinance: Public Nuisance

2006 October 3 Ordinance - Town of Hortonia Ordinance Prohibiting the Erection, Contrivance, Causation, Continuation, Maintenance or Permitting of any Public Nuisance within the Town of Hortonia

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Andrew Hogan, Clerk (4/2009-4/2011) wrote re: Ordinance: Public Nuisance
on 08-08-2009 9:34 PM

Town Board Meeting October 3, 2006 - excerpt from minutes:

There was more discussion on the nuisance ordinance. Supervisor Luedtke remarked he wished the committee would have given the board their proposal before the meeting so they would have had a chance to look it over. Motion made by Bob Luedtke to pass Atty. Carlson's revised version of the ordinance. Resident Tim Manion, chairman of the resident committee, stated that the townspeople do not need to be over governed. Over 40 people have supported the committee's recommendation and the board doesn't seem to be respecting their opinion. Bob Luedtke's motion to pass Atty. Carlson's revised version of the ordinance was seconded by Kevin Bolssen. Motion carried.