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Ordinance: Dog License


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Ordinance: Dog License

2006 February 7 Ordinance - Town of Hortonia Ordinance Regulation and Licensing of Dogs

Summary: It shall be unlawful for any person in the Town of Hortonia to own, harbor or keep any dog...

  • more than 5 months of age without complying with the provisions of § 174.05 through § 174.09, Wisconsin Statutes
  • which habitually pursues any vehicle upon any public street, alley or highway in the Town
  • which assaults or attacks any person
  • which habitually barks or howls to the annoyance of any person or persons
  • which kills, wounds or worries any domestic animal
  • which is known to have been infected with rabies
  • which bites persons in the Town of Hortonia
  • which is unlicensed within the Town of Hortonia
  • or dogs that run at large in the Town of Hortonia beyond the property owned or leased by that person unless the dog is accompanied by and is under the control of the owner or another person

Penalty: Any person who shall violate any provision of this ordinance shall upon conviction thereof, forfeit not less than $25.00 nor more than $100.00 for the first offense and not less than $50.00 nor more than $200.00 for subsequent offenses, together with court costs, penalty assessments, and county jail assessments and in default of such forfeiture and costs of prosecution shall be imprisoned in the county jail until said forfeiture and costs are paid, but not exceeding 30 days.

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